Call for Papers
Call for Papers :

          The EAEEIE (European Association for Education in Electrical and Information Engineering) is an European non- profit organization, with members from nearly seventy European Universities, most of them teaching in the area of Electrical and Information Engineering (EIE). The mission of the EAEEIE is to enhance education in EIE through understanding of European education practices, industry participation, continuing education, credit transfer in international exchanges, scientific and educational research, and to determine criteria to establish standards on EIE education.

          The 24th EAEEIE Annual Conference will take place in Chania, Crete, Greece. EAEEIE 2013 is organized by the Technological Institute of Crete, Department of Applied Informatics and Multimedia.

          The objective of the Conference is to bring together lecturers, researchers and professionals in the field of EIE all over Europe with the aim to exchange ideas and information and contribute to the development of EIE education. We cordially invite you to participate and submit your contribution to EAEEIE 2013, which includes (but is not limited to) the following topics:

  • - Engineering education and internationalization
  • - Innovation in pedagogical way of teaching
  • - Application of ICTs in Education
  • - European Curricula in Electrical and Information Eng.
  • - International Partnerships in Teaching
  • - Cooperation with Industry in Teaching
  • - Gender Issues, Women in Engineering
  • - The Student Perspective of Electrical and Information Eng.
  • - Virtual Learning Environments in Electrical and Information Engineering
  • - Lifelong Learning in Electrical and Information Engineering
  • - Raising Security and Privacy Awareness in Education
  • - Research and Innovation as a Part of Education

Abstracts Template :
Papers Template :
(* 200-400 words)

Submissions :

          The Program Committee invites original proposals which contain at least two pages and at most six pages in standard IEEE two-column format; full paper submissions are preferred. Electronic submission here in PDF format is required. Please identify a contact author with his/her complete mailing address, phone number, fax number and e-mail address.

Proceedings :

          The proceedings for EAEEIE 2013 will be published on a CD. During the closing session of the conference a special award will be presented to the best paper of EAEEIE 2013. After the conference the formal proceedings will be produced and made available via IEEE database IEEE Xplore.

Special Session :

          This special session is devoted to the new EU funded EAEEIE's SALEIE Project. The SALEIE project sets out to firstly explore and then provide models for ways in which Higher Education Institutions of Europe in the Electrical and Information Engineering disciplines can respond to current challenges. The main challenges addressed by this project are:

  • 1. Ensuring graduates are prepared to enable Europe to respond to the current global technical challenges in the Green Energy the Environment and Sustainability, Communications and IT, Health, and Modern Manufacturing Systems (including Robotics), that is, a new skills for new jobs approach. This will embrace conventional education, lifelong learning and training for entrepreneurship.
  • 2 .Ensuring that programme and module governance is sufficiently well understood that issues of mobility, progression and employment are understandable by appropriate stakeholders including the accrediting bodies for professional engineers.
  • 3. Ensuring all learners, irrespective of their background or personal challenges, including: dyslexia and dyspraxia; visual and audio impairments; and mental disabilities such as aspergers, autism, depression, anxiety; are given equal opportunity to education and are appropriately supported;     

          The special session will comprise an introduction to the project including its partner distribution across Europe, key aims and objectives and its methodology. This introduction will be followed by three or four papers on topics within the main three project streams.

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